Rihanna is using her platform to advocate for victims of the massacre in Sudan.

“They're shooting people's houses, raping women, burning bodies, throwing them in the Nile like vermin, tormenting people, urinating on them, making them drink sewage water, terrorizing the streets, and stopping Muslims from going to eid prayer. There is an Internet blackout! Please share. Raise awareness," she stated via Instagram story.

The people of Sudan have advocated for a civilian-backed government through peaceful protest and demonstration for years. The peaces protests have instead been met with a military junta. Over 100 civilians have been killed by government forces. Hundreds of people have been beaten, sexually assaulted, arrested, and detained. People are afraid for their lives.

Activists in Sudan have launched a campaign of civil disobedience by closing down markets and hospitals in an attempt to put pressure on the transitional military council

Social media has played a significant role in the spread of information and diplomatic developments in Sudan. The U.K. ambassador to Sudan, Irfan Siddiq, demanded the release of protest leaders in Sudan.

Many are citing Rihanna’s Instagram story as an example of the power social media has in the political realm.