Spotify’s refresh of its R&B playlist, now-titled RNB X, features Summer Walker, Keke Palmer and Victoria Monét as the leading ladies on the digital music platform.

As Spotify notes, the genre is growing on their platform, including a 25% increase in R&B streams, making it one of the streaming service’s fastest-growing genres.

The streamer notes in a statement, “R&B is constantly changing, taking new shapes and reinventing itself through generations and so the new and improved global R&B flagship, RNB X will reflect that – showcasing its global reach and representing that fluidity. X can mean a lot of things. X is a variable, the value we solve for most frequently in math. X could literally be anything, X is infinite – just like R&B.”


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On behalf of the project, Monét in a statement that said the genre ultimately paved the way for other artists to be creative in their music.

“I think R&B has been at the forefront of what is new and innovative for years. The DNA of R&B is forever evolving and involving! It never dies down, it reinvents, paves new streets and inspires other genres. I’m excited about the artists coming up in this version of R&B that has no limits, aren’t afraid to explore/merge sounds and are assured in their own unique presentation of it,” she expressed.

Meanwhile, Walker believes women will remain at the forefront of R&B.

“The future of R&B is female. I love how many young girls are breaking through on their own terms and making R&B mainstream again,” the 27-year-old said.

Music streaming services like Spotify offer artists a platform to build their audience and fanbase with their music. Monét and Walker have also credited streaming as a positive career asset.

“Streaming is the meeting place for fans and I,” Monét said. “Spotify is a 5 star date night restaurant where fans can consume all the music I have cooked up! It’s where I can get very instant feedback and stats via “Spotify for artists” too. I think because streaming is world wide, had it not existed my music wouldn’t even make it to certain places in the world so I’m super thankful to be living in 2023 where streaming exists and thrives!”

Walker shared similar sentiments, adding, “Streaming has made it possible for people all over the world to hear my music. I’m from Atlanta and it wouldn’t have been possible for me to have fans in London, South Africa, Brazil and more without streaming.”