The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) announced the resignation of two employees who took pictures with the disembodied head of a grandfather who was violently killed.

The State reports James N. Brown took a picture of Jesse Landen Wilson posing with the with the head of the deceased Robert Page, a resident of Morrow, Georgia.

Page, 76, was murdered by his neighbor, 25-year-old Christian Ponce-Martinez. After Ponce-Martinez killed Page, he took the grandfather's body apart, hiding parts of his victim under a tarp and around his house.

According to police, Page and Ponce-Martinez argued before Ponce-Martinez took Page’s life.

Page’s widow, Lila Page, was distraught after hearing about the disrespectful acts of the former GBI employees, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

“Awful that somebody would be that evil,” she said.

Page's remains were brought to the bureau for an official autopsy. Brown worked for the GBI as an arts specialist; Wilson was employed there as a homicide investigator.

Reba Sanchez, Robert and Lila Page’s daughter, said she found the photo session as disturbing as her father's death.

“You taking pictures, making light of a situation like that," Sanchez said, "I mean, you’re just as evil to me as that murderer.”

While the resignations by Brown and Wilson mean the men have lost their jobs, Sanchez said she feels more could have been done. She said she wishes Brown and Wilson had been fired rather than be allowed to resign.

“That’s someone’s loved one,” she said. “You wouldn’t want anyone to do that to your family member, so why would you do it to mine?”

GBI spokeswoman Nelly Miles apologized for the employees and said the pictures have led to a new protocol for the bureau: personal photos are not allowed to be taken in the medical examiner’s office anymore.

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