Robin Roberts and her longtime partner, Amber Laign, are finally preparing to tie the knot. On Monday, after 18 years together, the couple announced they are heading down the aisle this year.

On Good Morning America, the anchor told author and motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein, “I’m saying yes to marriage. We’re getting married this year.” She added that she was “hesitating” to share the thrilling news because she had not “said it out loud yet.”

After Roberts revealed the huge secret, Bernstein suggested she “create a wedding vision board.” The talk of wedding preparation slightly overwhelmed Roberts. She jokingly said, “I can’t believe I said that,” and began to fan herself.

The 62-year-old reporter said she and 48-year-old Laign “talked about” having a ceremony in the past. However, the couple put it off after Laign was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021.

During her treatment, Roberts shared a hopeful update on behalf of Laign after she underwent surgery in February 2022.

“My sweet Amber wanted me to tell you something that she’s been facing. At the end of last year, Amber was diagnosed with breast cancer,” Roberts revealed in a Twitter video. “She had surgery last month and this morning will begin chemotherapy. Thankfully, the prognosis is good.”

Due to facing complications with her chemotherapy, Laign had to suspend her treatments. However, she returned to radiation therapy and completed it in July 2022.

The two had previously navigated through breast cancer after Roberts was diagnosed in 2007. She underwent a bone marrow transplant in 2012, GMA reports.

Roberts and Laign, an entrepreneur and massage therapist, began dating in 2005 after a blind date setup through mutual friends.

The couple kept things low-key as they dated for eight years, until Roberts publicly shared her sexual orientation in 2013.

After she came out on Facebook, Roberts was a guest on Ellen and expressed her feelings about her lovely girlfriend.

She beamed as she told the host that Laign takes the time to listen to her. Roberts also called her the “most supportive person in [her] life.”

In July 2020, the couple celebrated a milestone anniversary of 15 years together.

Roberts shared an Instagram post with pictures of memories they have shared throughout the years.


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Her caption was a reshare of a message that Laign had addressed to her earlier that day.

Congratulations to the happy couple!