The new documentary Surviving R. Kelly is shining a new light on the allegations of child molestation, rape and physical abuse surrounding R. Kelly. As Blavity has reported, however, the artist's streaming numbers have increased thanks to this new attention.

The Daily Show's Trevor Noah and Roy Wood Jr. sat down on January 7 to address the allegations against the singer and to share a hilarious, yet timely, new challenge that might help those who, for whatever reason, were moved to listen to Kelly's music following the airing of the documentary.

The Daily Show shared a clip of their discussion on Twitter, which begins with Wood saying, “First of all, f**k R. Kelly.”

The 40-year-old then addressed people who have begun streaming R. Kelly songs. He suggested part of the problem might be newscasters playing the artist's music in their stories about all of the accusations he faces.

"You can't talk about R. Kelly's supposed crimes, then play 'Ignition.' That song is irresistible," Wood stated. 'You're sitting there watching the news all angry. 'How could this monster prey on these innocent — oh my God, that's my jam!'" 

Noah added, "Hey news, stop playing R. Kelly's music while reporting on his crimes. Just tell us what he did."

Wood mentioned the hit Netflix movie Bird Box, whose main character uses a blindfold so she cannot see the "monsters" in her world.

As our sister site Shadow and Act reported, the film has inspired people to attempt to do things with their eyes covered in what's become known as the Bird Box Challenge. Wood suggested a modification to that challenge, covering his ears instead of his eyes and stating we should block out R. Kelly's music. 

"From what I learned in this movie, is that if you don't want something to get to you, you gotta block it out. But instead of covering my eyes, I'm gonna start covering my ears, and I'm gonna call it the R. Kelly Challenge," he said. "That way people can focus on what he did and not get seduced by his music."

Check out the full segment below:

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