Ryan Coogler Thanks Black Twitter, Encourages Black People To Visit Africa In BET Award Speech

Wakanda Foreva!

Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan
Photo Credit: Twitter

| June 25 2018,

02:07 am

“Black Panther” took home the Best Movie award at the 2018 BET Awards and director Ryan Coogler had some words for all the black people at home!

Michael B. Jordan took the mic first to thank fans and encourage his shy friend and director to say a few words for the people

Live tweeters around the U.S. were excited to hear Coogler thank black Twitter personally for their collective support.

Coogler also encouraged black people to make a voyage to the homeland and visit Africa. For those who cannot make the trip for whatever reason, he advises that black people can still do their part by passing on lessons of black history and culture to their children. 

“For us it was about tapping into that voice that you always hear, that tells us to be proud of who we are and proud of where we come from,” Coogler said during his speech. “If you could travel to Africa, please go. It changed my life. And if you can’t go, teach your children about Patrice Lumumba… and all the amazing Africans that we attach to still as African-Americans here today.”