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Colin Kaepernick’s Lawyer Suggests He'll Be Signed By Next Week

Colin Kaepernick’s time away from the field may finally be coming to an end. When TMZ caught up to Kaepernick’s attorney, Mark Gregagos, who is representing him in his collusion case against the NFL, the lawyer revealed Kaepernick’s status as a free agent may soon be over.“I will just say stay tuned, that next week there may be some news,” Gregagos told...

Anita Hill Says Senate Judiciary Committee Is Being Given Another Chance To Do Right By Sexual Assault Accusers In Wake Of Kavanaugh Controversy

Sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court is one of the highest honors granted to a legal professional. With this role comes a tremendous responsibility to uphold justice and set a precedent for laws based on a constitutional standard without bias. The American people should ideally have the utmost trust in a nominated official, as their vote will decide laws that can affect a citizen’s...