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Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby Declares The City Will No Longer Prosecute For Marijuana Possession

In a move crafted by State Attorney Marilyn Mosby, the city of Baltimore, Maryland, will discontinue the prosecution of marijuana possession and request to vacate approximately 5,000 marijuana convictions, CNN reported. “For far too long, we have sat back and watched idly as communities and families are literally destroyed by the failed policies of the war on drugs,”...

Philadelphia City Council Unanimously Votes To Ban R. Kelly From The City

Update (February 1, 2019): Philadelphia residents have made their disdain for R. Kelly official.According to CBS 3 Philly, the city council voted to pass a resolution to “mute” the singer in a unanimous decision passed on Thursday. The resolution was introduced initially by Councilwoman Helen Gym late in January.The 51-year-old politician announced the symbolic act of...