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Handcuffed Louisville Inmate Beaten By Prison Guards For Covering His Window While Using The Bathroom

A 19-year-old offender's hands were handcuffed behind his back when a Louisville Metro Department of Corrections (LMDC) officer punched him in the face.According to a lawsuit filed by Terry Whitehead, currently incarcerated at LMDC, against former corrections officers Edward Schwartz and Devan Edwards, the three men got into a minor scuffle before Whitehead was placed in handcuffs,...

Former NBA Player Suing United Airlines For $10 Million After Claiming He Was ‘Race-baited’ By Flight Attendant

Former NBA player Eric Murdock's July flight has yielded a $10 million lawsuit against United Airlines. According to Sports Illustrated, Murdock was aboard a July 23 flight from Las Vegas to New Jersey when he asked a white flight attendant to switch to a seat in the emergency exit row. He was hoping to sit near his son with whom he'd been traveling. The attendant informed...