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Alexa Lisitza

Your future editor.

Alexa Lisitza's posts

Golden State Warriors Decide To Dedicate Their D.C. Visit To The Youth After Declining White House Invite

After President Donald Trump tweeted that he would be withdrawing the White House invitation for the Golden State Warriors in honor of their NBA championship win (even after they already refused to come), the team decided to make a difference in another way for their upcoming Washington, D.C., trip. The players have decided to spend their championship celebration with local...

Cardi B Doesn't Hold Back In Calling Out America's Gun Laws And School Safety, Says Trump Is Really Out Of His 'Mind'

Following the Parkland, Florida, school shooting that left 17 people dead, many Americans have called U.S. gun laws into question. On Thursday, Cardi B decided to get vocal about the issue, too.The Bronx rapper posted a meme of Lebron James appearing confused with the following text:“Y'all want teachers to effectively prepare our youth, carry straps, and bust back at...