Sacramento residents are on edge after a Black history museum in the city received a voicemail from someone threatening to kill Black children.

While police said they’re not yet sure if the threat is credible, Black leaders in the community are advising families to stay alert and take the necessary steps to protect their children.

“We don’t know how valid it is, because folks who usually warn you aren’t really doing that,” Tanya Faison, founder of Black Lives Matter Sacramento, told ABC 10. “But we don’t know how stupid they are either. They might just be dumb. It’s always good to stay on your toes, and be prepared for anything to happen and make sure that our schools are protecting our babies.”

The Sojourner Truth African Heritage Museum received the voicemail around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, KCRA reported. Black Lives Matter Sacramento then received a copy of the voicemail from the museum’s founder and shared the audio on its Facebook page to alert the public. The chilling voicemail, which appears to be disguised with an automated voice and a fake phone number, claimed that there is a plan to collaborate with schools and kill Black children in California.

“In California, agendas are active to murder Black children in the Sacramento area. Murders are to be in cold blood with no remorse,” the voicemail stated. “The intel relay has contacted more than 100 schools in the Sacramento area to structure this agenda.”

Shonna McDaniels, founder of the Sojourner Truth African Heritage Museum, said she was in shock when she heard the voicemail.

“I couldn’t believe someone would leave a voicemail on our phone talking about harming Black children,” Daniels told KCRA 3. “At first, I thought it was maybe a prank, but in the world we live in today, I take all threats seriously. I wish in 2023 folks would get over all the hatred and do some soul-searching to have peace for humanity. I’m sending a message for parents and community members to be on alert to take this message seriously.”

Police said they are still  investigating the threat.