Save The Last Dance Foolery And Cranky Coach Kobe Left Us Cackling In The Tweets Of The Week

Kobe's decision to call out a player on his basketball team brought the best out of Twitter.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Instagram

| September 16 2019,

6:44 pm

As always, Twitter found it's fixations of the week and punched the gas, clowning NBA legend Kobe Bryant for being a maniacal basketball dad. They even took out a little time to highlight a supremely strange dance video that was universally slammed as the blandest. 

These are your Tweets of the Week. 

The internet went nuts when Kobe Bryant took shots at one of his players for attending a dance recital.

Twitter took the opportunity to go in on Kobe, mocking his coaching skills. 

Kobe was surprisingly active on Twitter and Instagram, responding to people who thought his critique of the little girl was a tad harsh.

Some of Twitter couldn't help but laugh at the foolery.