As the search continues in the Maleah Davis missing person's case, the fiancé of the young girl's mother has been detained by Houston police officials in connection to her disappearance. 

As Blavity previously reported, Darion Vence claimed she was kidnapped on May 4. Vence explained to police he was driving with Davis and her 1-year-old brother when he heard a popping sound, similar to a popped tire. Vence allegedly pulled over to identify the sound and when he emerged from his vehicle, he was accosted by two Hispanic men driving a blue pickup truck.

Allegedly, one of the men said, "Maleah looks very nice, looks very sweet," and the other hit Vence on the head, leaving him unconscious.

Soon after his original report, law enforcement identified several inaccuracies in Vence's account of the little girl's vanishing.

Thinking of this baby today and how she did not stand a chance. The amount of people who failed her is insane. #maleahdavis

— hmmmmmm…… (@elle_maya_) May 12, 2019

Consequently, he was named a person of interest and was arrested in connection to her disappearance. According to a statement released Saturday, Vence is charged with "tampering with evidence." He is being held on $1 million bond at the Harris County Jail. The City of Houston also mentioned that blood coming from Vence's apartment had been associated with Davis'. While Houston police officials haven't confirmed if Davis is dead, ABC 13 reports investigators do not believe the girl is still alive. 

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According to the news outlet, police found drops of blood in the hallway leading to the bathroom of Vence's unit and across various parts of the bathroom. Law enforcement then used a chemical that once sprayed, can pinpoint blood not seen by the naked eye. On May 3, the day before Vence went to police, footage captured him exiting the home with his 1-year-old son, a laundry basket, and a black trash bag.

CNN also reports there was a "scent of decomposition in the vehicle" that was recovered about five miles from where Vence said he woke up after being allegedly beaten. Vence told officials his car had been hijacked in the abduction; however, that contradicts video that show the 26-year-old being dropped off at a local hospital in the same silver Nissan Altima that law enforcement recovered Thursday. Per The Daily Beast, police dogs apparently reacted to the scent in Nissan's trunk as well that of the laundry basket Vence was holding when he left his apartment.

Quanell X, a local community activist is certain a murder charge is looming.

"I can guarantee you there will be a murder indictment on this man," he said, via 11 Alive. "Evidence from inside the apartment being analyzed right now will help us all learn the truth of what he did with her body."

Unfortunately, Davis' whereabouts remain a mystery.

"We know she's still missing," Tim Miller, director of Texas Equusearch said. "The second fact we know is he's not telling the truth. We got to keep searching."

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