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ScHoolboy Q's new album cover has the Crying Jordan face on it and Twitter can't deal

On Tuesday, rapper ScHoolboy Q released the album artwork for his upcoming album, Blank Face, which is set to debut on July 8th. On the cover is the infamous Crying Jordan meme which has taken the internet by storm. People are finding this hilarious, to say the least. Wyd, Q?

Who is going to be the first person to get a master's degree in Crying Jordan analysis?

Some are already calling this the album over the year.

We may actually be stuck with this meme forever.

To be honest, it's #MemeSZN.

Is Ja Rule right? Will Michael Jordan get compensated for this?

Representatives for MJ told TMZ earlier this year that they were monitoring the commercial usage of the Jordan meme, saying, "Everyone seems to be having fun with the meme. We haven’t seen anyone using it to promote their commercial interests, which is something that we’re monitoring." Did ScHoolboy Q go too far or is this all in meme fun? We'll have to wait and see!

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