Senator Cory Booker is on a mission to end the federal prohibition on marijuana. In August, the New Jersey Senator introduced the Marijuana Justice Act to legalize weed at the federal level, cut federal funding for states showing disproportionate rates of arrest and incarceration for low-income individuals and people of color, and expunge federal marijuana use and possession crimes. On Monday, Booker received a huge boost of support when U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) became the first U.S senator to cosponsor the bill.

The two took to Facebook live to make the announcement.

“Jeff Sessions and the Trump administration are still trying to fight a 1980s drug war that is socially unjust, economically backward and against the will of the American people,” Wyden said. “I’m proud to join forces with Senator Booker to fight this administration’s attempts to shift our country into reverse when it comes to federal marijuana policy. It’s more important now than ever to update outdated policies, right the wrongs against communities of color, and continue our work to lift up the voices of the many Americans who are speaking out in favor of legalization.”

“I’m thrilled that my colleague, Senator Wyden, has joined me on this groundbreaking bill,” Senator Booker said.“It’s long past due that we fix our nation’s deeply broken drug laws, which disproportionately impact low-income communities and communities of color. This is more than a bill – it's about ensuring equal justice for all, and I won’t stop fighting until our criminal justice system is reformed.” 

The pendulum is definitely trending in favor of the legalization of weed.Twenty-eight states have passed laws legalizing marijuana and 61 percent of Americans support its legalization. We'll see how far it goes.