Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has had a rough time on Capitol Hill.

Kavanaugh stumbled as Senator Kamala Harris grilled him about several hot-button issues. Harris asked Kavanaugh his position on Roe v. Wade several times but he continuously deflected the question.

Harris decided to move on and asked him another abortion-related question that left the room silent for several moments.

“Can you think of any laws that give the government the power to make decisions about the male body?” Harris asked.

After another attempted deflection, Kavanaugh admitted he did not.

Harris also questioned Kavanaugh about Charlottesville, specifically Trump’s idea of both sides sharing blame for the violence that occurred at last year’s protest.

Again, he gave a BS answer.

“One of the principles I’ve articulated throughout this hearing is the independence of the judiciary,” Kavanaugh responded. “And one of the things judges do … is stay out of current events, stay out of commenting on current events, because it risks confusion about what our role is. We are judges who decide cases and controversy. We’re not pundits. We don’t comment on our current events.”

Harris responded by asking if the question was too hard for him and he kept blathering about not getting involved in political issues.

“I’m saying the principle of the independence of the judiciary means I can’t insert myself into politics in either of two ways: commenting on political events or, in my view, commenting on things said by politicians,” he said. “I’m not here to assess comments made in the political arena, because the risk is I’ll be drawn into the political arena.”

Harris brought up the Mueller probe into Russian election tampering and asked Kavanaugh if he’d spoken to anyone from Trump’s lawyer’s firm about the probe. Once again, he beat around every bush to avoid answering the question.

"Have you had any conversation about Robert Mueller or his investigation with anyone at that firm? Yes or no?" she asked.

"Is there a person you're talking about?" Kavanaugh responded.

"I'm asking you a very direct question: Yes or no?" Harris said.

"I'm not sure I know everyone who works at that law firm," Kavanaugh replied.

Harris eventually rephrased the question and accused Kavanaugh of having someone in mind but he kept avoiding the question.

Harris posted her own summary of the questioning on Twitter and affirmed her support of Cory Booker’s decision to release confidential documents that detail Kavanaugh’s political positions.

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