A Senegalese university student was arrested after disguising himself as his girlfriend and going to her class to take her exam. Khadim Mboup showed up in a red veil and a wig while also wearing earrings and a bra, Pulse reported. The 22-year-old student appeared in court on Monday facing charges of identity theft and exam fraud. His girlfriend, 19-year-old Gangué Dioum, is accused of being complicit in the crimes.

Mboup said he was only acting “out of love” because Dioum was having difficulties with English.  

While the couple face serious charges, social media users are enjoying the humor.

Students around the world have a reputation for going to desperate lengths to cheat on their exams. In one Spanish class, for example, students hid an exchange student from Mexico in the supply closet and gave her a copy of the test. The exchange student then whispered the answers to the people sitting in the back row next to the closet, BuzzFeed reported.

There's also the old trick twins can sometimes pull off.

"I have a twin sister and in freshman year of college I took a calculus class. In this class there was a gateway exam, and since I didn’t know the material well I just had my sister go in and take it for me. She was the reason why I passed the class," one student said.  

Still, Mboup may have tried one of the most unique cheating methods of all time. 

Some are asking for the young man to be rewarded with a medal for his creative effort.

The authorities are clearly not happy with the stunt, but the couple can at least enjoy the applause they're receiving from many others.

Social media users are apparently thankful for the comedy that has unfolded.

The Senegalese man has evidently set the bar at a whole new level when it comes to romance. It may be nearly impossible for anybody else on the planet to match his energy.