Now that she’s retired from tennis, Serena Williams is starting to take up new hobbies, including judging her daughter’s baking abilities.

In a cute TikTok video, the superstar athlete sweetly critiqued cookies baked by her 5-year-old daughter Olympia with help from her sous chef/dad Alexis Ohanian, noting that she was “getting myself ready to be a food judge one day.”

@serena I am practocing on Olympia and getting myself ready to be a food judge one day. Lol #ShowYourGlow #relatable #bts ♬ original sound – Serenawilliams

“I am judging Olympia’s lemon cookies, they’re really delicious,” Williams said after taking a bite of the baked good. “I would like for the size to be more even. I think this one’s a little bigger than this one. Even if you put them on top of each other, they’re different sizes. So typically, when you’re doing the sizes, you want them to be even.”
The 41-year-old mother complimented the glitter sprinkled on the cookie, commending her daughter for “going for different looks.”

Williams then broke the cookie apart before sharing her next thoughts.

“I love how when you break it apart, it’s really easy to break. So it means that it’s actually a very soft cookie,” she explained while observing another treat. “That one’s just as soft, and the inside is soft as well. I’m hitting that on the inside, and that’s really smooth and soft.”

Williams gave a little constructive criticism when it came time to share her opinion on the glaze.

“I think the glazing could actually do a little bit more even, but I know your sous chef probably did that,” she said. “And so when your sous chef is doing things, you just have to be over them. You don’t want them to sabotage anything that you’re doing — and in this case, I know your sous chef likes to sabotage.”

At the end of the video, Williams praised her daughter for her baking skills.

“You did a really good job with this. Come here; let me shake your hand. That was good,” she said, shaking Olympia’s hand.