Florida TikTok user Büeli sparked a debate about a recent restaurant experience with her now viral video.

Under her user name, @buelistic, Büeli stitched a TikTok with user @africanbarb, and she shared a time when she was denied service at a restaurant location because one of her friends didn’t leave a tip during a previous visit.

The original video posted by @africanbarb has over 90,000 views.


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♬ original sound – Africanbarb
TikTok Courtesy of @AfricanBarb

In her video, @africanbarb said, “Nobody is obligated to tip no f**king body! If you give me good service then OK, besides that shut the f**k up.”

Büeli went on to make a video in agreement and included a storytime to prove her point. Her video has now garnered over 1 million views.


#stitch with @africanbarb 🏁 What makes you leave a nice tip? do you feel obligated?🏁 #ShowOffLandOFrost #MessFreeHero #GenshinImpact #AmazonVirtualTryon #altblackgirl

♬ original sound – Büeli
TikTok Courtesty of @Buelistic

Büeli started her video by saying that @africanbarb was “absolutely correct,” emphasizing the point that it is not mandatory to leave a tip. 

She then said as a “tattoo artist” she “encourages” all of her clients to tip, especially because tattoo artists make their entire living off of that money. Still, she acknowledges that it’s “not a requirement.”

She added that if she just gets paid for the price of her service then she is “fine with that.”

She then begins with a storytime explaining how a restaurant allegedly denied her and a group of friends service.