Sesame Place Philadelphia received backlash after a Black mother shared a video of one of the show’s characters, Rosita, ignoring her daughters, Revolt reports. Now, Sesame Place is under fire once again as more videos of Rosita ignoring Black children have surfaced.

The first viral video, posted by a woman who appears to go by Jodi on Instagram, showed two young Black girls at a Sesame Place parade. They’re thrilled to see Rosita, who’s walking and exchanging hellos and high-fives with parade attendees. Rosita gets closer and closer to the two girls, and when she eventually gets to them, she makes a “no” hand gesture and rebuffs them.


Sesame Place issued a statement regarding the issue, saying that the actor portraying Rosita did not intentionally ignore the two girls. They argued that the costumes the characters wear obstruct their view.

“The costumes our performers wear sometimes make it difficult to see at lower levels and sometimes our performers miss hug requests from guests,” the statement read.

The statement also noted that the actor portraying Rosita is “devastated about the misunderstanding.”

However, more videos have come to light that show Rosita repeatedly ignoring Black children. One video shows a little Black boy with what appears to be his parents. Rosita makes her way through the crowd, greeting everyone, but when she reaches the Black boy and the woman he’s with, she ignores them. They had their arms extended toward her, and a man’s voice in the background says the all the little boy wanted was a dap.

“He wanted a high-five,” the man said in the background.

Another shows a young Black girl extend her hand to Rosita. Similar to the other videos, the character says hi to every child around her, and appears to go out of their way not to high-five the Black girl.

Many viewers noted that this can’t be a coincidence.

“First time could’ve been a mistake but this actor under the suit needs to get investigated,” one viewer commented.

“This ain’t no d*mn coincidence same character we gotta assume it’s the same person inside. So he does this only to lil black kids? what a sick f*cc why work there? Everybody kids would’ve been sad like mine cuz Rosie head would been knocked off onto the pavement,” another Instagram viewer wrote.

Others wondered how Sesame Place is going to address the issue.

“I wonder what the next statement is going to be? I’m curious to know if it is the same employee inside the costume. If it is, the problem is contained. If it isn’t, they have a bigger issue,” a viewer noted.

“Same character tho.. wonder what lie they gon tell for this one,” another added.


Sesame Place has not made another statement regarding the new videos.