Despite receiving immense love for being the rap game’s Hood Hottest Princess, Sexyy Red still receives backlash for her influence on women. Recently, Sexyy has been met with negative comments about her explicit lyrics, how she carries herself and her impression on female listeners. The St. Louis artists addressed a tweet on Tuesday after it suggested she was “misguiding” her listeners.

“Sexyy Red was really put out to misguide our blk women, and it’s working,” a fan wrote on X, formally known as Twitter.

The “Pound Town” rapper responded with a quote. retweet.

“Makin y’all shake a** misguiding y’all?” Sexyy questioned. 

Sexyy Red isn’t the first female artist to encourage women to have fun, chase a bag and twerk — and she won’t be the last. No matter what haters throw her way, the 25-year-old plans to be making music for a long time.

She recently shared that she planned to have longevity in her rap career.

“I’m going to just keep being myself, and they going to mess with you when you being genuine,” she said. “I’m going to try to stay around for a long time.”

“I just be myself. I really don’t care what nobody think,” she continued. “People, they try to bully people. You not never supposed to let nobody make you feel uncomfortable with being your true self, for real, no matter what you want to dress. Do what you do.”