The tragic death of Shanquella Robinson grabbed national headlines in mid-November. Since then, the development of her case has been pretty hush-hush since Mexican officials took over.

Recently, during a press conference, Baja California Sur Attorney General Daniel de la Rosa Anaya gave updates about the case. Attorney General de La Rosa Anaya was the official who issued the initial warrants in Robinson’s case. 

Telemundo Charlotte translated the press conference for its news partner WSOC.

According to the outlet, De la Rosa Anaya said, “There is no impunity in this case. Everything is under investigation.”

He added he has asked for the extradition of the person responsible for the Charlotte native’s murder. However, he did not include the accused’s name in the press conference. 

De la Rosa Anaya communicated that his office is currently working with U.S. authorities to determine if others involved should also face charges. He stated his office is asking for interviews with the other individuals. 

He said, “It is important to obtain the court order with regard to whoever is responsible for this, but also if there were any accomplices.” 

The outlet reports that the FBI also has Robinson’s case under active investigation. However, red tape associated with jurisdiction could cause a lack of information and developments.