This Single Father Hosts Workshops To Teach Other Men How To Do Their Daughters' Hair

Darious Bland taught himself how to style his daughter's hair, and now runs a workshop to teach other men.

Photo Credit: Photo: WHNT19

| May 25 2017,

7:41 pm

Doing hair is hard. Braids are an art form; and just cause you own a pair of clippers doesn’t mean you know the first thing about giving someone a decent haircut.

We’ve all probably learned the hard way not to trust just any ol’ person with our precious heads.

But one person you ought to be able to trust not to have you leaving the house looking crazy is your father. 

All too often though, walking out the door looking less than stellar is exactly what daughters have to do after their dads have done their hair.

One Alabama father, Darious Bland, wants to change that.

As a single father, Bland had to teach himself how to take care of and style his daughter's hair. He found it wasn't an easy task.

Bland told WHNT19, “When I first started, I didn’t even know how to do a basic ponytail.” 

After a few years of doing his daughter’s hair every morning, that’s changed — and he wants to share his hard-earned knowledge with other fathers in the Huntsville area.

To do so, he’s formed an LLC called Bland Brandon, and has begun hosting hair workshops.

“I’m just trying to find out way to help the community,” Bland said.

Attendees at his workshops are appreciative. Of the fathers that he’s taught, Bland said, “They didn’t understand the frustration that mothers have to go through while doing their daughters’ hair.”

They sure do now!

Although many of the men get off to a rough start, and though their final products are usually far from perfect, Bland says the fathers and daughters who have attended his workshops have appreciated the bonding time.

“The father is the ultimate role model,” Bland said, “He’s the person that everything kind of falls back on. He’s the person daughters look to as a male figure and so do their sons.”

As far as his daughter is concerned, Bland says he’s starting to expand his repertoire now that he’s at last mastered the basics. “I’m learning how to do flat twists, Bantu knots; I want to learn how to braid.“

We’re sure she will appreciate having a little more variety in her hairstyles, and that she appreciates having a father willing to take the time not only to learn to do her hair, but to teach others, even more.