After the rapper’s inflammatory remarks about not being able to fathom that a woman could become “leader of the free world,” T.I.’s now offering a slew of apologies to any news outlet that will listen. But here’s why many people, Hillary supporters or not, are simply not having it.

As an avid hip-hop head, I’ve forgiven T.I. for a lot of things over the years — his lyrics that objectify and shame women for being what he feels is mediocre (which apparently is any women lacking a luxury vehicle, a perfect hairdo, and a fresh mani-pedi); his attempt to pass a reupholstered and talentless Aussie off as hip hop’s next big wave in female rap. I could go on, but this is about his latest snafu.

I’d reserved judgment about the previous things, reconciling them as permissible to me because I listen, with far less chagrin, to other hip-hop artists doing and saying similar things. His comments on Hillary are different, though. The way he prefaced the statement with “I’m not sexist but…” smacked off the old ‘I’m-not-a-racist-but’ arguments people of color have to endure every day. Plus, there’s the fact that he made a blanket statement about the irrationality of women in decision-making. Would he tell his daughters they couldn’t rule the world?

With that being said, I sit with popcorn in hand for the brutal, verbal dragging of this sexist, small-statured man by Black Twitter —and the rest of the free world. Because he truly deserves every minute of it.

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