To the students of color at the University of Missouri; we are here today to stand with you in solidarity. To those who would threaten your sense of safety, we are watching. We are listening. We hear you. We are you.

Although we are here to show solidarity to the students of color at the University of Missouri, we are also here to show solidarity to all students of color, who experience racial injustice and discrimination at other institutions across the country — including our own. We the People of Color Union are hosting this walkout to intentionally disrupt Skidmore’s daily routine. This walkout is meant to represent how often and how abruptly people of color lives are interrupted by acts of racism on college campuses.

Last week, student activists advocating for racial justice at the University of Missouri received death threats, racist verbal attacks, and removal of a sense of physical and emotional safety. Along with other racist incidents their administration did not address until recently. This is just one example of the pain, fear, and frustration people of color experience to earn their college degrees. While this may be one event for some of us, for the students at the University of Missouri and other colleges, this has been a constant disruption in their lives. We want to thank the student activists at the University of Missouri for standing strong and working to make their campus a safer place for students of color. We also want to thank you all for taking the time to come out and support this event, but the work does not stop here. Throughout the week POCU will have various social justice events centered on racial justice to both bring our community together and raise consciousness and awareness about the racism that lives here at our own institution.

To stand in solidarity with the University of Missouri and other college campuses we would appreciate it if everyone signs their name as a pledge to be more aware of racial injustice on college campuses and your life outside of Skidmore. We ask those who sign their names, pledge to be committed allies and actively fight against racism and discrimination in their daily lives. We also ask you to pledge to take care of yourself and others. We hope to empower you to speak up and speak out about injustice.

In Solidarity,

The People of Color Union at Skidmore College