Black Twitter is at it again — specifically, Jamaicans. 

We all know the island of Barbados is the blessed birthplace of Rihanna, and the artist doesn't fail in flaunting her heritage. Nonetheless, some Jamaicans on Twitter have decided they want Rihanna to claim the nationality, causing a Twitter storm among Caribbeans. 

It all started when a Twitter user, who goes by Teddy Bruckshot, tweeted out a picture of the Fenty Beauty mogul with other famous Jamaican natives Usain Bolt, Vybz Kartel and Chris Gayle, captioning it “How can one small island produce such talent whew.”

The tweet received over 1,200 retweets with many Jamaicans getting a good laugh at the sly inclusion of the “Rude Boy” singer. They then banded together to figuratively steal Rihanna, who is also of Guyanese descent, from Barbados.

One user even created a thread of “Rihanna embracing her Jamaican heritage” as evidence.

The foolery didn't cease — they then went on to pretend Barbados is just the name of a street in Jamaica. 

One user even went so far as to photoshop her onto the Jamaican $500 bill. 

So, of course, there was also a fake birth certificate. 

Some non-Caribbean Twitter users were almost convinced of the singer's “newfound” heritage, questioning where exactly Barbados is and whether or not it's a town in Jamaica.

Although the Jamaicans on Twitter were quite convincing with their argument, Bajans are not pleased. Some claimed the fashion designer was all they had, while others tried to retaliate by reclaiming some Jamaican icons. 

But they almost had some feeling like their mind was playing tricks on them with their impressive efforts. 

While Black Twitter stays undefeated in its entertainment quality, we all know it's Barbados who gets to boast on this one.