Fighting through tears, Sonya Curry spoke about how she considered having an abortion when she was pregnant with Stephen Curry. The mother of the NBA superstar sat down for an interview on Bleav’s Your Mom podcast and said she felt relieved when she first told the story in her memoir, Fierce Love.

“It was healing to tell the story in the book,” she said. “Because I know there’s lots of people out there — men and women — I know it really comes down to the woman’s body, but there are men out there that are trying to be partners in making this kind of decision. There’s partners out there that don’t even get a say in that because it just happens and they don’t ever know about it.”

Sonya, who also revealed that she had an abortion during a previous pregnancy, said she understands that “people are having to make this decision every single day, every second of the day out there.”

“For me to be able to share that story for people to know, one, so many people are struggling with it, and it’s OK. It’s OK that you are struggling with it,” she said. “Two, the decision that I made to keep him at that point is also counter with the decision that I made to not carry through with the previous pregnancy.”

Similar to her son, who often speaks about his faith proudly, Sonya said she has relied on God throughout her journey.

“God is just bringing it all together and showing me to be able to say, ‘Hey, here’s this decision I made at this point, and look at the blessing that he has become,’ and I just thank God for that and I just say to God that it was meant to be,” Sonya said.

The 56-year-old mother and her ex-husband Dell Curry have raised their three children Steph, Seth and Sydel, the New York Post reports. Sonya is now aiming to comfort others who face difficult decisions as she has.

“You don’t have to carry a lot of judgment forever. Give ourselves some grace in making the decision with what we had to make the decision with when we made it,” she said. “But, my favorite scripture says that all things get worked together for the good, and those called according to His purposes and praise Jesus. It all worked out. There’s Stephen, and look what he’s doing, and it’s just amazing to me.”