'Sorry To This Man': Keke Palmer And Kayla Nicole Jones Give Us The Perfect Memes For Tekashi69's Testimony In Tweets Of The Week

Keke Palmer memes became so popular she decided to make t-shirts out of it.

Keke Palmer and Kayla Nicole Jones were the meme queens of the week.
Photo Credit: Twitter

| September 23 2019,

8:51 pm

But our Twitter feeds were full of Kayla Nicole Jones, whose gut-busting videos on YouTube and Twitter have made her a social media superstar. These are your tweets of the week. 

Twitter flipped out when Vanity Fair released a video of them showing Palmer a photo of former Vice President Dick Cheney. Her reaction created a catchphrase that will surely stick with us for a while, "Sorry to this man."


Of all the memes that crossed our timelines this week, the crown has to go to Jones. Jones has been dominating Twitter all summer, but her stardom reached another level with an utterly hilarious video that morphed into an even funnier series of memes.