The kindness of one North St. Louis woman is changing her community with one brown paper bag at a time. 

Champale Anderson is a mother of six and a healthcare professional passionate about giving back to those in need. According to Fox 2, the community activist has made it her mission to feed children in her neighborhood.

“I noticed the kids they are always hungry," Anderson told the news outlet. "They get off the bus and they take off running and they never know what I will have in the bag. I switch up and have special treats for my special babies.”

She was propelled to take action after seeing some local children begging for cash outside of a gas station. At that moment, she knew something had to be done.  

For the last five years, she's packed sack lunches with goodies through her charity, Champ's Teardrops. Bags typically include a variety of snacks ranging from juices, trail bars, fruit, veggies and cookies.

Anderson also provides peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the estimated 100 bags she makes a day.  

A sign posted outside of her home has her hours of operations and a call for community donations. From Monday to Friday, kids in need can come to her door and get a bag before and after school.

She currently only provides bags during breakfast and lunch, but as more donations come in she will be able to help out more. 

“It makes me proud. My goal is to go to different neighborhoods and give out bags,” said Anderson.

Those interested in helping expand Anderson's community good works can donate to her GoFundMe campaign. Donors have already given over $50,000 to support her work.