After coming up short in her effort to take over Georgia’s governor seat, Stacey Abrams said she is determined to still stand tall and fight for the state. Abrams relayed her stern message when she spoke in front of her supporters after losing to Republican Governor Brian Kemp on Tuesday.

“Even though my fight — our fight — for the governor’s mansion came up short, I’m pretty tall,” Abrams said. “Despite every obstacle, we are still standing strong and standing tall and standing resolute and standing in our values.”


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Kemp won his reelection after consistently leading in the polls throughout the recent months. Abrams, who narrowly lost the governor’s race in 2018, remained determined throughout her 2022 campaign despite many people counting her out, Politico reports.

The 48-year-old showed the same type of passion after conceding the race on Tuesday.

“Georgia deserves more,” she said. “Whether we do it from from the governor’s mansion, or from the streets, whether we do it from from the capital or from our community, we are going to fight for more for the state of Georgia.”

Abrams focused her campaign on fighting for quality public education, a cleaner environment, more affordable prescription drugs and voting rights.

“Voting is a fundamental right, not a privilege for the wealthy few,” the Democratic candidate said, according to Politico.

During his campaign, Kemp said Abrams is working for “liberal elites” and she wants to “defund the police.” Abrams fired back, saying Kemp is easing gun laws and keeping Georgians living “in a state of fear.”

The former Georgia House of Representative now looks forward to the next step in her career.

“I may no longer be seeking the office of governor, but I will never stop doing everything in my power to insure that the people have a voice,” she said.