Proving that the only thing worse than a sore loser is a racist one, Pinole Valley’s star baseball player went on a racially-charged tirade after losing last Wednesday’s game. The California high school athlete, whose identity has been protected, was caught on camera yelling “f***ing n*ggers” at the family of a black player on the opposing roster. His rant also included the novel suggestion that the family “go back to Africa”.

The footage was shared among students, parents and faculty at both schools and ultimately ended up in the hands of California State University Northridge after the video began to gain traction on Twitter. While the racist in question had already been offered an athletic scholarship and signed a letter of intent for the university, in a stroke of sweet, sweet justice, CSUN rescinded the scholarship offer.

The family who found themselves at the receiving end of this young man’s racist temper tantrum is praying this experience will teach him the consequences of ignorance and the power of his words. They told reporters that they are beginning the healing process, but that they “wish him tremendous luck”. I, on the other hand, am not quite as gracious. While I certainly wish a few things upon our anonymous friend, luck is not one of them.

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