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Indiana: Systemic Racism, Police Brutality And A Fight For Education In A State That Was Never For Me

My experience.
Floyd Daniel Hobson III
 • 5 months ago

Friends Til The End: Why I Took A Stand And Said Goodbye To My Racist Best Friend

Standing up to racism means standing up for yourself.
 • 5 months ago

The Forgotten History Of How Harlem Fought For Ethiopia And Why It Should Always Be Remembered

The unknown links between Ethiopian and African American history.
Bereket Kelile
 • 7 months ago

Track Runner Fails Miserably In Attempt To 'Pants' His Competition As They Near Finish Line

Competition got a little too real
Maya J. Boddie
 • 8 months ago

The Only Two Black State Representatives In Arizona Called Out White House Member For Using N-Word And Were Reprimanded For It

No surprise there.
Maya J. Boddie
 • a year ago

Why Starbucks' Diversity Training Leaves More Room For Skepticism, Than Progress

This isn't a "Starbucks is racist" issue
Marvin DeBose
 • a year ago

Why Yvonne Orji, David Oyelowo And John Boyega Are Trailblazers For First Generation African Immigrant Culture

They're doing it for the culture.
Amen Oyiboke
 • a year ago

It's Not Our Job: An Open Letter To Well-Meaning White People Who Might Be Racist But Aren't Sure

If you have to ask...
Tres McMichael
 • a year ago

Ohio High School Student Faces Expulsion After Reportedly Raising His Voice At A White Teacher

With four months until graduation, a petition has been created in his honor.
Dominique Jackson
 • a year ago

Black Inmate Allegedly Beaten By Prison Guards For Trying To Marry A White Woman

“That n*gger did not need to be marrying a white woman," one of the guards reportedly said.
Keith Andre
 • a year ago

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