Another day, another failed and cowardly attempt to intimidate a black person with a noose. The gag isn't getting old, it's been old. 

Aina Adewunmi is a transfer sophomore at  Palisades Charter High School. No sooner than the 15-year-old arrived on campus, she was dismayed to almost immediately be met with racially charged insults and passive aggressive behavior, according to KTLA 5

White students freely used the n-word, and, even went as far to ask that she grade her "hotness on the black-versus-white scale," for their amusement. Things finally reached peak levels of harassment when she learned that 3 boys had created an image of her with a noose drawn around her neck and accompanied it with a stock photo of a white man thoughtfully considering the noose and (it is implied) what to do with it. They then shared the image within a chemistry group chat. (because that's apparently what study groups are for) 

She immediately went to school administrators who swiftly suspended the young bigots. 

Though the incident would be frustrating for any young person to say the least, Adewunmi remains poised and undeterred from focusing on the bigger picture. 

"…I won't be leaving, but this is something that needs to be stopped because it has happened in the past", said Adewunmi.  "I knew if I didn't come out with this story, it would happen over and over again."

The culprits apologized but the Adweunmi family believe that it's not enough. They've secured a lawyer and are asking for the boys to be expelled. 

According to KTLA, "The boys involved have been barred from campus for at least the rest of the school year but couldn't discuss further disciplinary details, citing privacy laws."