Students at Fordyce High School are actively protesting administrators’ decision to give two students, a Black victim and a white aggressor, the same penalty for an on-campus fight.

Late last month, a video began circulating on social media showing a “white bully” antagonizing a Black student in the school locker room. As the Black student is getting dressed, the larger aggressor criticizes him and makes rude comments about his mother, which the victim brushes off and ignores.

The white student continues to torment the victim before ultimately pushing and throwing things at him. The pair then get physical and—about two minutes into the video—the “white bully” places the Black student in a headlock until he goes unconscious. The Black student was then left on the floor as the white one kicked him and stomped on his head.

No other students intervened during the violent assault and there was not a single adult in sight. It’s also unclear exactly how long the victim was left unconscious.