Daytime TV host Sunny Hostin revealed her daughter’s medical diagnosis while recording a new Behind the Table podcast episode. The View host explained that her 17-year-old daughter Paloma has a rare disability that affects her eyesight. During the interview, Hostin shared how the condition has caused some struggles in her daughter’s life. 

The 54-year-old shared that Paloma was born with Brown syndrome, according to Daily Mail. Paloma lives with a rare eye condition that limits the movement of the muscles and tendon that attaches to the outside of the eye. She explained that her daughter’s eyes can go in opposite directions when reading.

“Paloma has something called Brown’s disease that I don’t think I’ve ever shared publicly, but I will share it,” she said.

“She was born with it, and it’s an eye condition where your eyes… there are muscles in your eyes, and one is shorter than the other, and so when you’re reading, you can’t track, and that’s pretty difficult because one eye moves one way, and one eye moves another way,” she added.

Despite using special devices to help her read, Paloma does exceptionally well in school. She also has to have special accommodations for schoolwork.

“It’s not anything to be ashamed of,” Hostin said about her daughter’s needs.

“I’ve worked for about six months to get her an accommodation so that she could get longer time on her ACTs for reading, she just needs the extra time. And she just got her ACT score back and she just scored in the top ten per cent of the country and so she forgot and she immediately texted,” Hostin said.