Prior to her interview with Vice President Kamala Harris, federal prosecutor-turned-television host Sunny Hostin scrambled to find another ensemble after seeing they were wearing the same suits.

On today’s episode of The View, Hostin shared a memorable moment she had during the Fourth of July weekend when her colleague Whoopi Goldberg asked, “Anybody do anything interesting over the break?” During this year’s Essence Festival, Harris participated in the Global Black Economic Forum, and her office reached out to Hostin in hopes she’d join Harris on stage as the moderator of the interview.


“Yeah, I worked hard but I played hard too, which I generally can’t balance it,” Hostin answered. “So, I was asked by the Vice President’s office to interview her for Essence Fest and so I did that and it was really an honor.”

The on-stage discussion focused on the politician’s perspective concerning “inflation, black equity and economic upward mobility,” according to Essence. But before Hostin and the silk press queen stepped on stage, a funny incident took place between herself and the California native’s team regarding fashion choices. Dressed and ready to do her job, Hostin revealed she had to find something else to wear because she had on the same pantsuit as the official.

“The little funny part is I walked out in a white Sergio Hudson suit, and so did the Vice President,” she told her co-hosts. “And as you see, I don’t have that white suit on because her team was like, ‘What else do you have to wear?’ I was like, ‘Cause when the vice president has it on, then you don’t have it on.’ So, that was a funny thing.”

“And it was Valeisha Butterfield, who you know Whoopi is the president of the Grammys, and she just happened to be walking by with a suit and this dress and she lent it to me. So, thank you Valeisha,” she added.

The mother of two went on to share an adventure-thrilled weekend that consisted of a successful book signing for her new book Summer on Sag Harbor, one too many drinks and Michael Rubin’s all-white party in the Hamptons.

“I had a really sexy dress on that my husband [Emmanuel Hostin] really liked,” she said.

Check out the full clip below: