A Kenosha, Wisconsin off-duty officer who worked as security at Lincoln Middle School knelt on a 12-year-old girl’s neck while intervening in a fight.

According to The Associated Press, surveillance footage released by the school district shows officer Shawn Guetschow, 37, excessively restraining a student during a lunchtime fight on March 4.

On Friday, the Kenosha Unified School District released surveillance footage of Guetschow putting a student on the floor to constrain her before removing her from the cafeteria.

In the video, two students (one in black and the other in gray) are seen grappling before school officials, including Guetschow, run over and defuse the situation. The students continued to throw punches while being pulled apart. Geutshow is seen handling the student wearing white, pushing her head against the floor, and holding his knee on her neck before handcuffing her.

The student’s father, Jerrel Perez, has asked for criminal charges against Guetschow for restraining his daughter by the neck, which is banned for Wisconsin officers as of last year. Perez’s attorney, Drew DeVinney, said the student told Guetschow she couldn’t breathe when lying on the floor, but he continued to hold his knee on her neck, the NY Post reports.