T-Pain posted a video on TikTok, lamenting over the grossly underselling tickets to his concert in Dallas, according to Chron. The rapper revealed in the video that only 26% of tickets to date had been sold.



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He explained on TikTok that he and his team look at ticket sales every week, and he was shocked to see that the Dallas sales for his “Road to Wiscansin Tour” were low.

“On the tour we do a weekly tour update kind of thing, you know, and we send out this little spreadsheet of the percentages of tickets we’ve sold in each city,” T-Pain says. “I got to tell you, man, there’s only one question: ‘What the f**k, Dallas?'”

A snap of the ticket sales spreadsheet was in the background of the video, showing Dallas as the lowing-selling city to date. According to We Got This Covered, Dallas’ ticket sales percentage means that ticket resale websites like StubHub have chosen not to invest in tickets for the tour.

T-Pain continues in the video, questioning why Dallas doesn’t want to see the “Buy U a Drank” rapper.

“Dallas, what are you doing? You don’t f**k with me?” T-Pain continues, dropping his voice to imitate his supposedly supportive Texas fan base. “Oh, ‘Hey Pain, you know we f**k with you heavy in Texas.’ Really? What the s**t, Dallas?”

He also mentioned that he’s shown love for the city in the past, wearing a cowboy hat and raising horses.

“What did I do? Let me know!” T-Pain asks. “I wore cowboy hats many times! I used to raise horses! I feel like I’m part of the city! I’ve worn a cowboy hat or two … regular cowboys and Dallas Cowboys!”

He let Buffalo know in the caption that he’s coming for them next, with the data showing that his tickets sales in the city were only at 39%. We Got This Covered reports that the Buffalo venue has a capacity of 8,000, meaning roughly 3,120 fans have paid to see the two-time Grammy winner perform.


T-Pain is scheduled to perform in Dallas on May 18 at The Factory in Deep Ellum.