There is nothing T-Pain can't do. The fun-loving singer, known for his use of autotune, has just launched a new, fake university to sell some top-notch merch for summer. 

Pain revealed Wiscansin University on Twitter in a promo featuring his single “Can’t Believe It,” in which he tells a beautiful lady that he will buy a mansion in "Wiscansin" to woo her.

“I am honored and privileged to be the 22nd dean to lead Wiscansin University,” the promo reads next to a photo of Tallahassee R. Pain, PhD Dean. “I believe Wiscansin is truly an inspiring place, and I want to ensure that our programs continue to be poised for growth for the many years to come. I look forward to the many adventures and achievements we will embark on together.”

With a full website, Wiscansin University features several photoshopped black and white images with Dean Pain and faculty, a section showcasing the school's Greek and campus life and academics like a real university would have.

If you want some real laughs, take a look at the faculty bios. "Pain is known for introducing some of the institution’s widely popular areas of study including Intro to Chopping and Screwing, Accounting for Strippers and The Art of Being Sprung," T-Pain's faux bio reads.

T-Pain is a certified hitmaker, but he may have a second life in comedy. Fans could not get enough of his antics:

But let's be real, it is all about the merch. The school's shop has T-shirts, mugs, snapbacks and hoodies with the Wiscansin logo embolden on the front. 


And unlike other college gear, Wiscansin swag is affordable with prices ranging from $30 to $65.