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T.I. posted a picture from 'Roots' and Black Twitter meme'd him into the 1800s

History Channel is rebooting Roots and it's starring our favorite $100 dollar word using rapper/family man, T.I.. Earlier this week he shared a picture of him from the series and the responses were legendary. I mean who couldn't resist adding some T.I.-isms to his photo?

His facial expression alone made this the perfect meme.


"You can stay off of this plantation or catch these hands"

Plot twist: this is the art for his single "Rubber Band Man from the Civil War."

*Prays that these lines get written into the script*

We NEED $100-word T.I. to philosophize on this, for the culture.

Right after he lets that durag go...

Will we ever be able to take T.I. seriously?

Photo: Giphy
Photo: Giphy
Photo: Giphy

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