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Courtroom Cultural Appropriation: This White South African Woman Really Showed Up To Appeal Her Racist Tirade Sentence Wearing Cornrows

Girl, wyd???
Tonja Renée Stidhum
 • 7 months ago

The Key Message That Everyone Needs To Takeaway From Our Viral Bruno Mars Video That Shook The Internet

A timely message from the creator of The Grapevine.
 • 7 months ago

Who Is This? 'TODAY Show' Reveals A Reconstructed Bust Of Queen Nefertiti Resembling A White Woman

Queen Nefertiti was from ancient Egypt and definitely not white.
Dominique Jackson
 • 8 months ago

Can Rich Chigga’s Name Change Excuse His Past?

The Chinese-Indonesian rapper wants you to call him Brian. We want him to stop commodifying black culture.
Jenna Caldwell
 • 9 months ago

Artist And Scholar Rebekah Modrak Calls Out The Cultural Appropriation Of Black Detroit In New Work 'Rethink Shinola'

Modrak investigates watch company Shinola, and shows how she believes it appropriates black culture and exploits black bodies for profit.
Blavity Team
 • a year ago

Jeremy Lin Wants To Know If His Dreads Are Cultural Appropriation

Lin: "You probably have some questions and comments. I definitely want to hear them."
Blavity Team
 • a year ago

Confused? Here's A Breakdown Of What The Cultural Appropriation Of Black Music Is

"Every musician has influences. The issue lies with the lack of proper credit to these influences."
Trumpet Grrrl
 • a year ago

Biracial Singer Halsey Speaks About Passing For White, Says She 'Feels Black'

"I look like a white girl, but I don't feel like one. I'm a black woman," she said.
Blavity Team
 • a year ago

Ice T's Wife, Coco, Wants You To Get Off Her Because Her Cornrows Aren't About Race

They're her edges, and she can have them snatched if she wants to.
Malinda Janay
 • a year ago

6 Black Celebs Who Totally Flipped The Switch On Us

Let's discuss that particular breed of celebrity whose success induces selective amnesia.
Ebony F.
 • 2 years ago

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