Alabama Barker received online criticism after teasing her upcoming rap song on TikTok. Some commented on her being the daughter of famed musician Travis Barker, while others called her out for allegedly partaking in cultural appropriation.

The 17-year-old acknowledged the comments and clarified she would keep making music as she pleased.

“They hating on me crazy. I’m keep going though,” Barker wrote on Instagram.

A few days after posting her song on TikTok, she received public support from The Game.

“NGL … she in pocket!” the rapper commented under a post by Hollywood Unlocked.

The Compton rapper was first discovered and signed by Dr. Dre in the 2000s. The Game was nominated for several Grammy Awards and is considered a pillar of modern hip-hop. He has shared his thoughts on cultural appropriation in the past. He recently called out artists from other cultures who are “rapping along” to hip-hop “word for word” without grasping the reality present in the lyrics. He also shared his views on Eminem in his 2022 track “The Black Slim Shady.”

On Barker’s end, it isn’t surprising the 17-year-old would be inspired by hip-hop when making her music. Rap is a prevalent mainstream genre, and her father has collaborated with several artists such as The Game, Lil Wayne, Kanye West and LL Cool J.