If you are unfamiliar with the art of Tamron Hall's word jousting, then my dear, you are behind with the times. The MSNBC host is known for her live fact-checking, spar of words done in the most eloquent manner. As a respectful no-nonsense interviewer, she is quick to reel her guests back to shore, especially the ones who get out of pocket

Following Monday night's Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Tamron interviewed actor and Trump supporter, Scott Baio. Tamron asked about Scott's speech from the previous night and his mantra, "Make America, America again." He says he wrote the speech while in church, which essentially opened the museum of petty for Tamron to show off her fine art. Baio recently posted a seemingly offensive tweet about Hillary Clinton and women in general, to which Tamron asked if he thought about it in church like his RNC speech

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Tamron said, "You're writing your speech in church. You talk about religion coming back to this country and us having a moral barometer, where was your moral compass when you put a photo of a woman that you disagree with politically and that's fine but what do you say about that?"

He replied in defense, "I just put it up there."

And she's just warming up beloveds.

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Tamron and her team dug up an old tweet from Scott with an unflattering image of First Lady Michelle Obama that read, "Wow he wakes up to this every morning." No immediate response from Scott

As Tamron conducted her research the previous night, she discovered Scott had blocked her. Of course, Tamron asked the most important question every Twitter user has posed at some point or another

"Why'd you block me from social media? [laughs] I'm just curious," Tamron said

As the proof appeared on the screen, Scott appeared confused

Scott's face.

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He says it was a mistake, but be ye not deceived. Blocking an individual from a social media account is a premeditated act requiring little to no energy, but most importantly you have to care enough about the other party to want to block them from your page

In his defense, Scott said the Michelle Obama tweet was a joke. Tamron wasn't buying it. She asked, "Does a joke about a woman that way make America great again?"

For the grand finale, Tamron issued by far the greatest quote of the day

"I do this for a living, you can't chop my words up."
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Photo: Tumblr

See the entire interview for yourself.

Let us take a trip back down memory lane to the 2012 election when Tamron quickly gathered and dismissed a guy during a live interview.

Thank you Tamron for making political interviews great, again.

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First, Melania Trump, now Scott Baio. Thank you RNC for this entertainment

Note for my whippersnappers reading this article: Scott Baio is Fonzie's cousin, Chachi from Happy Days. Maybe this is a bit of an archaic reference. He starred in his own show, Charles in Charge. Okay. You may remember him from an episode of Full House when he appeared as Uncle Jesse's fine friend, Pete. Remember now? More recently he had his own reality shows on VH1, Scott Baio Is 45...and Single followed by Scott Baio Is 46...and Pregnant. I'm wasting my time. Scott Baio has no relevance to you, me or Tamron

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