An argument erupted in TheShadeRoom's comment section between Tank and Yung Bleu as the two discussed if the rapper had the right to call himself the king of R&B. According to Complex, the whole ordeal stems from a tweet calling Yung Bleu the next possible king of R&B since "this brotha make bangers only.”

After the tweet was shared on Instagram, Tank jumped into the comments section with a clear objection to the idea.

“I’m glad I’m from a different generation cause y’all wild,” he said, adding three laughing emojis.

Yung Bleu didn't take too kindly to the "When We" singer's comments.

“Another episode of a bitter old n***a!” he wrote in response. “Tank u still waiting on that verse that’s why u mad. U supposed to be a Og! U commenting on shade room acting like a female.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not interested in being labeled as no king of r&b I’m about to be a real Super Star soon! I don’t say shit to y’all dudes I be in my own world. I already felt your weird energy that’s why Ian record to that wack ass song,” Bleu added.