As millennials, how many times have we been told that we shouldn’t be focused on more than one goal at a time? That we can’t have more than one passion, or we can’t pursue more than one dream?

Tannis Spencer is a millennial on the move who is working to break that singular-goal mindset. From freelance writing, to a custom t-shirt, DJing and other projects in the mix, Tannis is the definition of an up-and-coming multi-passionate mogul. The former music writer for Complex Magazine created the online platform MICOLE to showcase her multiple projects and connect with peers.

Blavity had the opportunity to speak with the young go-getter to find out more about her work, how she balances her passions, and what’s next.


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Photo c/o Tannis Spencer


You are a self-proclaimed multi-passionate person. What made you realize that you had a passion for each one of your ventures?

I think all too often people are under the impression that if you have too many interests or hobbies that it means you aren’t focused. That’s not the case with me, I’m just learning about as many things as I can. I find I’m my truest self when I’m able to explore all the things that make me, me. I really just sat down one day and wrote down all things I’ve ever wanted to do and noticed there was very, very little reason why I couldn’t pursue them. The idea that I didn’t have formal training or knowledge in certain topics didn’t deter me, it just meant I needed to do my due diligence and educate myself so that I could contribute in a well-informed way. That’s what it all comes down to for me, how can I contribute to a culture in a way that’s respectful but with a twist of Tannis.

How do you manage your time between writing, your other various projects and most recently, DJing?

I’m definitely one of those people that feels that you make time for things that are important to you no matter what you’ve got going on. It definitely helps that I’m passionate about all these projects because making time for them isn’t nearly the hassle it could be. The toughest time management challenge I have is doing all of these things with a full time job that sometimes requires me to do work during my “passion project” hours. But it’s such a good problem to have that I’ll never complain about it.

I try to find time during seemingly useless scenarios; when I’m on the subway headed to work for example, I do my best ideation so I’ll pull out my notebook and get to writing. Any down time is used to come up with content ideas.

You recently had your first DJing gig in New York, tell us more about how it went.

I had my first 2 gigs in one weekend and they both went really well. One of the important things I was taught at my DJ school was that something will always go wrong, and I definitely learned that lesson. I’m pleased to say I rose to the challenge and we still had an amazing time at both events. I had no idea how fulfilling this journey would be but I can already tell DJ’ing is something I’ll be doing for a long time to come.

Out of all of the work that you’ve done, what piece has been your favorite to create?

My favorite project I’ve worked on so far is definitely The Inspiration Archives. I think it’s my favorite because it came from such a pure and organic place. It was a personal project because I was creating something that I needed to hear more of in my own life, so I figured other people could use the inspiration as well. I was really just sharing inspiring quotes that I was writing and telling myself everyday. At the time I came up with the quotes, I was in a job I cared very little about and needed a way to inspire myself. Almost a year later when I found myself in a more stimulating job and more aligned career path, I went back to those notes and decided this could be useful for other people too. So I created it as the first project for my brand and it serves as a great representation of the things I intend on continuing to create with MICOLE.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with Blavity?

I’m actively looking to meet and collaborate with people that want to push our culture in interesting and meaningful ways through every medium possible. I want people to know how important it is to just go after your crazy ideas because you never know how fulfilling it can until you try.

I’ve also got new projects on the horizon and I’m extremely excited to bring them to life so be sure to check out my website for new things I’m involved with.

And if you need a DJ, hey now!

To find out more about Tannis and her amazing work, check out her website, MICOLE,  Twitter, or Instagram!  She was also kind enough to drop off her new mix exclusively for Blavity, so show love!!

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