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Multiple Deaths, Injuries In New York City Truck Attack

Reports state that six people have died in the deliberate attack.
Blavity Team
 • 10 months ago

For Painting NYC Columbus Statue With Anti-Hate Message, Vandals May Face Hate Crime Charges

The fight against hate symbols continues!
Blavity Team
 • a year ago

New Yorkers Say Goodbye to Webster Hall As We Know It

Webster Hall, a New York Staple since 1886, is known for showcasing new and top talent of all genres
Blavity Team
 • a year ago

Young Thug Donated All Of His NYC Concert Proceeds To Planned Parenthood

Thug said on Twitter: "I was a teenage parent. Planned + unplanned parenthood is beautiful."
 • a year ago

11 Commuting Problems Only New Yorkers Will Understand

An empty subway car is never a good sign.
Brandon T. Harden
 • a year ago

How This NYC Restaurant Is Transforming Into A Tupac-Themed Cafe

It will be based on sketches and menu ideas that Tupac created as a place for friends to “escape the worldz cold reality.”
Blavity Team
 • a year ago

The Day I Met Beyoncé And Jay-Z

The Queen and Hov eat Pizza just like us!
Fontaine Felisha Foxworth
 • a year ago

Our Brown & Black Girls Are Disappearing, Yet Where Is The Outrage?

It’s happening in DC, NYC, Atlanta and Philadelphia. It’s an epidemic that needs to be fixed immediately.
Tiffany Stewart
 • a year ago

10 Black Cultural Staples In Major US Cities

If you know the cities, you know what they're known for.
Bee Pollard
 • a year ago

3 Black Web Series That You Absolutely Need To Binge-Watch

Check This Out
 • 2 years ago

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