A teacher in New Jersey is giving her students confidence to pass their tests in a very special way

Chandi Langford, a fifth-grade teacher at Langford Elementary School, wrote inspirational messages of encouragement for each one of her students on their desks with dry-erase markers. Langford told ABC News, she wanted to "reassure and motivate" her students before their standardizing testing

Photo: Woodberry City Public Schools
"I want my kids to know that I appreciate them and that I believe they can achieve anything they want to, and for me, it doesn't matter if they don't do well or even if they fail – as long as they were trying their hardest, learn from their mistakes and do better in the future," she said

In addition to the heart-warming, personal notes, she also gave her students donuts!
Photo: Woodberry City Public Schools
Photo: Woodberry City Public Schools
The photos of her messages on the desks went viral, and have been shared almost 20,000 times on the Woodbury City Public Schools' Facebook page

Can someone nominate Ms. Langford for Teacher of the Year?