Nigerian-born artist Tems is back after a two-year hiatus! She returns with a self-directed video for her latest single, “Me & U,” which marks her first solo release since her 2021 EP titled If Orange Was A Place.

The visuals for “Me & U” open up with Tems draped in all white, standing in the middle of the ocean as the sun reflects and glistens off her skin. Her unique voice shines just as bright as she sings about faith and spiritual connection.

“For me to come out it means that I’m at the door / I want to show you my world / Give me one break, I need faith / Faith to believe you, faith to receive you,” the 28-year-old sings in the prayer-like chorus.

In a statement to Vibe, Tems confirmed the single, produced by Ghana native Guilty Beatz, is deeply rooted in her spirituality.

“‘Me & U’ is about discovering the real me, building a genuine relationship with the Creator, and gaining a true perception of self,” she said.

In a recent interview with Zane Lowe on Apple 1, Tems spoke about her ethereal state of mind while working on the single.

“So funny thing is I actually created this in 2021,” she said. “It was around the time I shot the video for ‘Essence,’ and when I heard it, I just went into a trance and I was having a conversation with God about… I’m not sure what it was, I was just in a trance, and I didn’t remember what I had done until I recorded it, but it really was just about the conversation surrounding commitment and faith.”

The Grammy winner added that it’s not uncommon to tap into a higher power during the creative process.

“I think music is very spiritual no matter what it sounds like, no matter where it’s from, no matter whether it’s acknowledged or not,” she said. “I think music always has an energy and I just want to be as honest as I can in my music.”

Check out the video for Tems’ “Me & U” below!