Terrence Howard has been in the news as the final season of Empire approaches, but the famed actor managed to make a lot of other news this week.

At the Emmy Awards on Sunday, he gave reporters an extremely detailed answer about what his plans are once the hit show ends.

That ending can't come fast enough, as fans spent most of the week clowning Fox for releasing a clip of the show featuring Howard in a disastrous wig.

As always, Twitter found other things to ridicule, but Howard's wig took the cake. These are your Tweets of the Week. 

There were a few leftover tweets from last week's hit meme, featuring social media star Kayla Nicole Jones. The meme is still managing to bring laughs more than seven days after it started to gain traction.

As always, Twitter had jokes about the latest child on the way for Future. Two memes had Twitter cracking up this week, featuring one of our favorite actresses and a hilarious little boy.

People also had a lot to say about DMX's new look.

And then there we some tweets sprinkled in that were absolutely hilarious and relatable AF.

Enjoy the weekend!