Police in Texas are being accused of misconduct by 21-year-old Tye Anders after he was violently arrested by multiple officers on May 16, according to NewsWest9. 

Officers in Midland, Texas, told the local news outlet that Anders ran a stop sign on his way to his 90-year-old grandmother's home. At least three police cars began to follow Anders and immediately pulled out their weapons after they met him at the home. 

As Anders lay on the ground unarmed, at least five officers with their guns drawn walked toward him. Video of the incident starts at that point, showing Anders' grandmother either falling or being pushed into him as people nearby beg officers not to shoot the 21-year-old. 

Video of the incident ricocheted around social media because of how seemingly unnecessary the officers' actions were, considering the alleged offense.

Anders was arrested for "evading." His attorney, Justin Moore, told NewsWest9 Anders did nothing wrong and a traffic stop was unwarranted.

“Racial profiling and pretext stops have been at pandemic levels in this country for generations. This incident falls within this age-old trend of following black men and arresting them for fabricated reasons,” Moore said in a statement, adding that Anders was punched in the face repeatedly after being put in the police car.

On Wednesday, Midland Mayor Patrick Payton and Councilman John Norman held a press conference about Anders' arrest, with Payton saying the city would not be releasing officer body camera and dashcam footage.

“These things escalate rapidly. And we want to do our best to de-escalate, to have a conversation and to make peace and to be peacemakers. If the city tries to release a video all we're going to do is just exacerbate the fight. All we're going to do is harden lines that have already been drawn between certain opinions," he said. 

"I'm not saying people are being profiled. I'm not saying they're not being profiled. It’s a double-edged sword. You might say there’s some things that need to change, some things that need to get better. You know, it could always get better,” Norman added.

CBS7 was able to obtain the arrest affidavit, which states the first officer started to follow Anders after seeing him drive suspiciously. Anders allegedly "made an improper use of his turn signal" and did not respond to attempts to make a traffic stop.

According to the officer's account, Anders continued to drive two blocks toward his grandmother's house and wouldn't get out of his car once he got there. The officer called for backup before Anders lay down on his grandmother's lawn and they pulled out their weapons. 

Anders' lawyer held a virtual press conference on Tuesday to denounce the charges, but Midland District Attorney Laura Nodolf told KENS5 her office is still considering charging him with a felony.

"This case has just been sent to my office, we are in the process of reviewing all police submitted evidence including dashcam and body cam videos, once that is complete we will evaluate if this case will be presented to a grand jury and the felony charge will be prosecuted," Nodolf said.