When Lajuana McCree arrived at her daughter’s high school in Grand Prairie, Texas, she was anxious, but she left in a jovial mood.

McCree wasn’t happy when she received a call from her daughter’s school requesting her presence last fall.

She arrived with the trademark serious Black mama face and was prepared to get 18-year-old Promise in check.

"I was ready for war," McCree told WFAA. "I thought Promise had gotten into some serious trouble. I had to compose myself, but I was firm and I had that look on my face like 'What did you do?'"

Thankfully, Promise wasn’t in trouble. The teen came up with the hoax to announce her acceptance to Grambling State University.

When McCree heard the news, she did the best victory dance ever: le twerk. 

"When she told me, all the anxiety went away," the proud mom said. "And yeah, I did a dance, a celebration dance, it's called a twerk…that's a proper response for her being accepted.”

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Promise will be the first person in her family to get a degree. When she graduates from high school, she will have an associate degree thanks to a dual enrollment program. McCree is more than happy with her daughter, according to The Star-Telegram.

“Promise is a true gift from God to me,” she said. “She’s a mentor to her younger cousins and is very family oriented. She always wanted to watch the Discovery Channel as a kid, and find out about planets and science, so I had to find out about those things, too, because she was so inquisitive, always had all these questions.”

Promise attributes her success to her mother.

"She just instills in me to be humble, and to achieve to the best of my ability," she said.

The future Grambling Tiger intends to major in criminal psychology.

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