Video shows a Texas student attacking her Black school teacher and mouthing off obscene racial comments during class, the  New York Post reports.

In a video that was posted Friday on Twitter, the unidentified student who attends Castleberry High School in Fort Worth, Texas, can be seen walking to the teacher’s desk during a phone call.

“Deal with me,” the student tells the teacher before proceeding to hang up the instructor's phone call and slap her hand.

“Oh no, no, no, no, no,” the teacher responded.

The teacher then walked around her desk to seek help from a nearby person in the hallway.

“You touched me. I did not touch you,” the teacher said.

Once the teacher returned to the desk, the student picked up the phone on the desk to call her mother saying, “You ain’t about to f**k me up, b***h!”

As the teen proceeds to talk to her mother, the teacher calmly sits down at her desk chair as students look on.

“I need you to get over here now because this teacher is about to get f**ked up if she doesn’t get the f**k away from me,” the teen told her mother. “You want to talk to her because she’s Black, and she’s f**king pissing me off right now.”

The irate teen is then shown throwing her phone at her teacher prior to leaving the classroom.

The school district responded in a statement on Monday.

“We first want to commend the teacher for the calm demeanor and utter professionalism she demonstrated throughout the entirety of the incident, even when the situation turned violent and offensive,” school officials said. “We support this teacher and her response in the strongest terms possible.”

The teen's mother, Brittany Evans, told WFAA that her daughter suffers from Autism, depression, and bi-polar disorder.

“I was upset for the teacher," Evans said. "I was upset for her even being in that situation."

After sitting in meetings with members of the school district, Evans admitted she was trying to get her daughter placed in special education classes to offset problematic behavior. 

“I wish the school would label her correctly so we didn’t have to go through this," the mother said.

Evans said she was not aware how her daughter adopted the vulgar language used against her substitute teacher. 

“I know I don’t throw racial slangs ever," she said. "I know none of my family members that live in the house with me throw racial slangs ever.”