A youth football team filled with 7- and 8-year-olds with a flawless winning streak were dismissed from the playoffs for being “too good,” according to NBC News.

Keller Youth Association Vice President Rhett Taylor told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth that the Flower Mound Rebels had an impressive record outscoring their opponents 199-6 within the first seven games of the season.

After beating his team in the youth recreational football league, Taylor said, “They are too good. I fully admit it.”

“They are a select-level team. They are too good for a rec-level team,” Taylor, who is a coach and father, said after the youth football team defeated his players 33-0.

"My team got one first down all game,” he added. “And my team is good.”

The Rebels joined the Keller league after having difficulty securing a spot to play during COVID-19, WFLA reports.

Despite being a top-tier team, Taylor said the association’s five-member board team was responsible for releasing them from the playoffs.

“This is the Keller league, not the Flower Mound league,” the vice president said. “In my mind, they’ve dominated our league.”

Ragan Montero, who coaches the Rebels, said he believes that the Keller Youth Association is changing the rules for their benefit and that Taylor is a “sore loser.”

“That’s all it comes down to,” Montero said regarding Taylor’s influence, WFLA reports. “He’s changing the rules so it benefits him.”

Taylor admitted that his commitment to keeping the Rebels from participating was due to the team's stellar season performance.

Montero stood firm in his belief that there is no such thing as “too good,” and that it conveys mixed messages to other children about the practice of fairness.

“I don’t think we can be too good,” he said. “He [Taylor] wants to play with us but he doesn’t want us to be good. I’m not really sure what that teaches the kids.”

“Hey, try your hardest but sorry, you won’t get the end result you want?” he added.

The Rebels are still permitted to participate in their final game, but only the playoffs are off-limits.

“I want for us to actually just finish our games,” said Rebels center Greyson Tanner, age 8, according to WFLA. “That’s truly all I want. I’m new to tackle football and the shotgun."